Our synthetic ice rink, an exceptional potential for unseen locations

Put together an ice rink in a party place, complicated ? A piece of cake!

THE ICE SKATING : An ideal display for an original communication !

Our professional and totally independent team will be so discrete that you will forget that we are building an ice rink. Made by our partners the synthetic ice rink world leader GLICERINK, this new generation of synthetic ice rink has an exceptional potential for ice skating demonstrations and shows in exceptional locations. Mobile and adaptable, it enables us to be particularly reactive when we face restrictions due to high end private events.

Rooftop, yacht, garden, hotel lobby, swimming pool, beach, hoping mall: Delice Show creates it’s show on the 5 continents but especially where you least expect it !

Its artistic & logistic assets

  • No restrictions due to temperature or location
  • Set up: 1h 30 & dismounting: 45mn
  • Ecological: no electricity or water needed
  • White surface: ideal for logo projection
  • Panels size: 1mx1mx 12mm adaptable to any shape
  • Doesn’t slide: possibility to use it as dance floor or catwalk
Galerie photos