Spotted at the age of 17 by Philippe Candeloro, then trained to be a professional skater within the prestigious Holiday on Ice troop and American productions, i’ve travelled the world living my little girl dream.
When i returned home on the French Riviera, I then wanted to bring my personal touch, to dazzle and sparkle in return , the eyes of the big child that we all are. From this will was Delice Show born.

My ambition:
Push forward figure skating
and redefining it as corporate and private events entertainment

Since 2009, I imagine, put together, and produce exclusive shows “on ice”  adapted to the most intimate event or the biggest extravaganza! We can do a show in any wished location on our synthetic and mobile skating rink, adaptable from 16m2 on any flat surface: garden, pool, rooftop, boat, hotel lobby, beach, yacht, mall, theater etc.

Your show, chosen amongst our ready made themes ( Cabaret, Circus, Timeless etc.) or custom made, will be remodeled to be unique and 100 % you.
Insatiable when it relates to unseen creations, we create since 2013 one to many exclusive productions each year : musical on ice, theatrical skating show: 1h30 long with about 20 professional skaters wearing all the handmade costumes Made in French Riviera created in our warehouse.

Entrepreneur, artist but before all athlete, I have with Delice Show, the desire but mostly the ambition to reach a goal: to share with you my unlimited passion for the SHOW!